Raymond Bonnett Gives His Top Motocross Riders of All Time

Raymond Bonnett of West Chester, PA, is a business graduate student, loving father, and an avid motocross fan. The latter is something Raymond Bonnett has spent years watching and researching, making him very knowledgeable on the subject.
In all of his years of living in West Chester, PA, Raymond Bonnett has seen many great motocross riders make their way through the sport. And while it’s hard for him to rank one legendary rider over another, he does believe there is a select group that stands out above the rest.
So without further ado, here are the greatest motocross riders of all time according to Raymond Bonnett.
Ricky Carmichael: Many consider Carmichael to be the greatest rider ever. He was rarely beat straight up and some of the maneuvers he would pull over the edge without crashing were just incredible. With 48 career wins, the guy is truly a motocross legend.
Jeremy McGrath: Jeremy McGrath has 72 wins to his name and is considered to be perhaps the greatest champion in the histo…